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Conservation / Fishing

Conservation / Fishing

Conservation / Fishing
David Weikers
(404) 597-7283‬
Email: LSCA’s Conservation Committee goals are the overall health of Lake Spivey and keeping the lake one of the premier fishing lakes. We perform water quality and fish count test biannually. Based on the fish count test, LSCA adds the appropriate number of feeder fish, Tread Fin Shad, to keep the Stipped and Hybrid bass heathy. Also, Sterile Carp added as needed to keep the lakebed grass free.

Monday nights LSCA host a fishing tournament for Lake Spivey residents and their guest. Contact Dave Weikers for more information.
*note: No watercraft without LSCA registration is allowed

Also, David Smith, Greg Campbell, and Tom Chastain volunteered their time to build (20) permanent fish habitats and (9) Honey hole trees in 2014. Their placement is in various spots around the lake. The GPS position and a map were recorded and are available to members at the following link: Map of Fish Habitats

The committee continues to build fish habitats annually. Volunteers are always needed to help.

Lake Spivey Civic Association

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