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Lake Safety

Lake Safety

VP of Lake Safety
Adam Kogelman
Happy boating season,As we begin another year of activities on our incredible Lake, the Lake Safety team would like to point out our main areas of focus.

  • Current year LSCA registration decals must be displayed on your watercraft by May 15, no Exceptions. Lack of display of the new year’s sticker, regardless of registration status, comes with $150 fine and escort off the Lake for the first offense. 
  • The Lake follows a counter-clockwise flow of boat traffic. Please keep the closest shore on your right.
  • There is a no-wake <5mph nighttime speed limit.
  • Running/Mooring Lights required at night
  • Dock Lights (bright white) are not running lights do not use unless you are docking.
  • Personal Watercraft use at night is prohibited.​
  • All coves and canals are no-wake zones.
  • At speeds higher than 5 MPH, all watercraft operation distance is 100ft from other watercraft, shoreline, and docks.

​Here are LSCA’s Rules & Regulations. Review the R&R and make sure any guest you allow to operate your watercraft is familiar with them. The homeowner is held responsible for their guest’s actions.

Children between the ages of 12­-15, there is a mandatory Lake Safety class. LSCA requires completion of the course before watercraft use. The requirement is in the Rules & Regulations Minimum Age Requirements for Boat Operation on Lake Spivey.

One requirement is the completion of LSCA’s Lake Safety Test. Once the applicant has completed the test, contact Adam Kogelman to schedule an LSCA’s Rules & Regulations orientation class.

We invite new homeowners unfamiliar with the Lake Spivey to a take orientation boat ride. This is not a boating seminar, but strictly a Lake Spivey knowledge session designed for the experienced boater to enroll, please contact: the Lake Manager, Brent Benedetti at (404) 392-9800

Lake Spivey Civic Association