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Properties Committee
Properties VP – Bob Nash

(404) 644-7374

LSCA owns the lakebed. The association must approve any construction of docks and seawalls. Please remember to contact Bob Nash before you start any dock or seawall construction.
LSCA’s Construction Rules & Regulations: LINK
Dock Construction Approval Process: LINK
Seawall Construction Approval Process: LINK

Electric Shock Drowning

​LSCA Members

Below is a video explaining electrical hazards around freshwater docks. I didn’t fully realize the risks associated with a faulty electrical system around the pier. In the last month, a young girl in Alabama was swimming around her dock, her Dad turned on an electrical device on their boat which was in the slip, there was a short circuit, and the girl was shocked and killed in the water.After I saw the video, I went to my dock and inspected my system. I found a problem on my boat lift motor. The mounting bracket had moved enough through continued operations that it started pinching the 120 v. cord. There were no cuts in the cable, and I re-positioned the mounting bracket, but if the bracket had cut the cord, it would have made a direct connection into the water through the aluminum boatlift frame. I am glad I checked out the system.I wanted to alert LSCA members about electrical hazards around their docks. A simple safety check could save a life. Thanks,

Bob Nash
Lake Spivey Civic Association

Lake Spivey Civic Association

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