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Dam Maintenance
Brent Benedetti 
Phone: (404) 392-9800

REMINDER: The Lake Spivey Dam is off-limits except to authorized personnel. If you see anyone on the property, contact the LSCA Lake Manager, Brent Benedetti at (404) 392-9800. Lake Spivey’s Dam location is in Henry County off Blackhall road. The current labyrinth type spillway replaced the original spillway that was damaged by Hurricane Alberto in 1994. The Dam is 49 feet high with a volume at a maximum pool of approximately 8300-acre feet. Lake Spivey is about 550 acres with a maximum water depth of 35 feet. Opening the gate will not help with rapid water rise. It is 4′ in diameter opening compared to a 144″ long horizontal ledge across the spillway. When the lake level is 18″ above full pool, the emergency spillway is activated to increase water displacement.

Lake Spivey’s Dam is a Class 1 Dam and regulated by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The inspection rules have changed over the years. In 2016 under The Safe Dams Program, the DNR requires LSCA to perform quarterly self-inspections and a state-approved professional engineer review every two years. Also, the DNR required the development of an Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

LSCA contracted Walden, Ashwork & Associates (WAA) consulting engineers to develop our EAP. Out of an abundance of caution, the association’s leadership contracted WAA to perform the quarterly inspections. They also developed an Operational and Maintenance Manual.

​Emergency Action Plane: LINK

Operation & Maintenance Manual: LINK

Latest Inspection: LINK

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