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RMS Admin


A Reserved Mooring Strip (RMS) is a dock used by property owners that are not waterfront. LSCA owns RMS properties and assigns the slips. The Assignees maintain the docks and RMS areas, and each RMS has an administrator appointed by the association. They are the point of contact for access and keys. In addition to RMS administrators, there is an RMS Committee. The committee’s responsibility is ensuring the RMSs remain safe and in good repair. Please see LSCA’s Rules and Regulations, Section 8, for more information on Reserve Mooring Strips.

RMS Committee Chairman

Katie Powers



South Bay RMS

RMS  #1: 3286 South Bay Drive


Emerald Drive RMSs

RMS  #2: 2954 Emerald Drive
RMS  #3: 2854 Emerald Drive
RMS  #4: 2698 Emerald Drive
RMS  #5: 2642 Emerald Drive
RMS  #6: 2516 Emerald Drive
RMS  #7: 2432 Emerald Drive
RMS  #8: 2396 Emerald Drive
RMS  #9: 2248 Emerald Drive
RMS #10: 2208 Emerald Drive
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