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Thank you for completing the Lake Safety Test. Below are the correct answers, please review, then continue on to register your watercraft.

  1. What is the proper general direction to travel around Lake Spivey? – counter clockwise
  2. What is the maximum daytime speed limit on Lake Spivey? – 40 mph
  3. What is the maximum nighttime speed limit on Lake Spivey? – 5 mph
  4. How close can I travel to the shore line or docks while traveling faster than 5 mph? – 100 feet
  5. Can I operate a PWC after dark? – no
  6. How close can I travel to another boat while going faster than 5 mph? – 100 feet
  7. Who is required to wear a floatation device on a PWC? – everyone
  8. Is racing permitted on lake Spivey? – no
  9. Who has the right of way between a PWC and a boat pulling a Tuber/Skier/Wake Boarder? – boat pulling tuber/skier/wakeboarder
  10. Can I use a PWC in the slalom course? – no
  11. Do I have to stop if the Lake Spivey Safety Patrol attempts to stop me? – yes
  12. If I damage another vessel or property am I responsible for the repair costs? – yes
Lake Spivey Civic Association

    LSCA Board Member and Committee Volunteer Position Application

    Please include the following information. Failure to do so will be automatic disqualification:

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