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    LSCA Rules and Regulations Acknowledgement

    Due to the increased amount of traffic on Lake Spivey, Lake Safety is requiring that all applicants applying
    for watercraft decal acknowledge the current rules and regulations for Lake Spivey to complete the
    registration process. Current rules and regulations for 2021 can be found by visiting our web site Please take the time to review the full rules and regulations. Applications will not be
    processed without a copy of the current liability insurance policy as well as a rules acknowledgement form.

    The most common violations are as follows:
    4.4 PERMITTED CRAFT: Only craft specifically permitted by the Rules and Regulations, bearing a current
    registration decal, and covered by liability insurance shall be allowed to operate in or upon LSCA property. It
    is the responsibility of each property owner to ensure that their craft meets the criteria for registration and
    operation on Lake Spivey, subject to these Rules and Regulations and all applicable local, state, and federal
    ordinances. Ownership of a craft or vehicle does not confer the privilege of using it in or upon LSCA
    property. The Board of Directors shall determine if a disputed craft is permitted. False registration can result
    in suspension of lake privileges for twelve (12) months.
    4.7.6 The current year’s decals must be displayed by May 15 of each year.
    5.1.1 No craft shall operate in excess of 5 mph within one hundred (100) feet of craft that are moored or
    anchored, persons in the water, any shoreline, or docks.
    5.1.3 Nighttime speed limit is 5 mph.
    5.2.4 Personal watercraft operation is prohibited between the hours of sunset and sunrise.
    5.12.2 Personal watercraft will operate in accordance with the regular boat traffic pattern with particular
    emphasis on proper direction of travel around the blind corners marked by the traffic buoys.

    By virtually signing below, I am acknowledging that I have read the Lake Spivey Rules and Regulations and I have
    educated any other operators of my watercraft. I certify that I own this watercraft and that it will be operated
    in accordance with the Rules and Regulations Governing the Use of Lake Spivey by authorized operators or
    by my bona fide house guests, all of whom have read and will abide by the Rules and Regulations Governing
    the Use of Lake Spivey, and all of whom are also covered by my liability insurance. In consideration of the
    issuance to me of a permit to operate the above-listed watercraft on Lake Spivey and other valuable
    consideration, I hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless the Lake Spivey Civic Association, Inc. and its
    officers, directors, and members from any and all liability for loss, damage, injury, or other casualties to
    persons or property caused or occasioned in any manner whatsoever, or arising out of or in any way incident
    to the use of said watercraft on Lake Spivey, whether the same results from the negligence of any person or

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      LSCA Board Member and Committee Volunteer Position Application

      Please include the following information. Failure to do so will be automatic disqualification:

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